Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Volunteer with a Purpose

The Savior Children’s Foundation, a non-government funded charity for children, has been operating in Kasoa, Ghana to help children in need for over three years. There are currently 40 children living on-site and about 200 more that attend daily classes. During the last three years, countless volunteers from all over the world have spent time at the orphanage and school, helping any way they can.



Volunteers have washed dishes and clothing, taught in the school, and helped construct buildings in the hot African sun. They have shared laughter and hugs, have wiped tears from the faces of children, and tickled countless little bellies. It is through their hard work, dedication, and love for these kids that the orphanage is able 

to continue operating.  

Volunteers help give the kids who live at the orphanage the care they deserve.  A day of volunteering at the Savior Children’s Foundation includes bathing the little ones in the morning before school, doing dishes after meals, serving food to the children, helping the kids with their homework, and playing games with them to keep them busy until bed. The one-on-one care that a volunteer provides is priceless to these kids who lack the attention of a parent in their everyday lives. Volunteers also have an opportunity to help out in the kitchen preparing food.

 It is a monumental task for the kitchen staff to prepare lunch for 250 kids, as well as breakfast for 43 residents of the orphanage. Emma Spark, a volunteer from Canada says, “The ladies that work in the kitchen are wonderful. They make sure that every child attending school gets enough to eat at lunch. I have learned a lot from them while I have been here and respect how hard-working and caring they are.”

As a non-government funded organization, the orphanage is dependent on the donations of generous volunteers to continue functioning.  A dollar goes a long way in Ghana.  It costs the equivalent of $2 per day to feed one child.  Many people spend more than $2 every day to buy themselves a coffee from Starbucks. That same amount could pay for three nutritious meals for a child in need.

Many thanks for the fundraising endeavors of volunteers. Their financial and personal contributions to the orphanage are paramount to the success of the Savior Children Foundation and its ability to care for these precious children.

Although the work can be tiring, and the heat oppressive, the kids make everything worthwhile. The bond that is formed between the kids and the volunteers is something that will last a lifetime.  Lara Hawley, a volunteer who recently returned to the U.S. after her second trip to the Savior Children’s Foundation, says: “These kids are simply incredible. They have the biggest hearts and smiles you will ever witness in your entire life.  Every single second after you have left Ghana you will think of these kids and long to be back with them. They have truly stolen my heart and have left an imprint on my soul.”