Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Vacation With a Purpose

For a life changing and rewarding experience, choose a vacation with a purpose and volunteer with Savior Children Foundation.


Volunteers can participate in:  

  • Child Care
  • Teaching
  • Cooking
  • Construction


Work is very rewarding but can be very hard at times. The decision to volunteer should not be made lightly.  


Ghana is a beautiful country and we encourage you to take the time on weekends to enjoy all that Ghana has to offer.  


Volunteer Fees

The fees paid go towards your accommodation during your entire volunteer stay, 3 meals per day, water, and airport transportation upon arrival and return.

$270 (USD) - one week

$370 (USD) - two weeks

$470 (USD) - three weeks

$550 (USD) - four weeks

$740 (USD) - six weeks

$930 (USD) - eight weeks

$1130 (USD) - ten weeks

$1330 (USD) - twelve weeks

$1640 (USD) - sixteen weeks

$1950 (USD) - twenty weeks

$2320 (USD) - twenty-four weeks


Fees are due 4 weeks prior to arrival.   There is a full refund for those requiring cancellation prior to arrival.

Volunteer Prerequisites 

  • Must provide a recent criminal background check and be presented upon arrival
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Must have adequate travel insurance
  • Must speak fluent English