Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

The Purchase of a Farm - a step towards long term sustainability 
- written by volunteer Nic Hulse

Founder of the Savior Children Foundation Patrick Nwodebeh dreamed that some day the foundation would become self-sustaining.

This summer a handful of volunteers pooled their resources together in order to start the process of making this dream a reality.

Today the foundation’s first crop of corn is sprouting from the ground; growing in the 12 acres of land that was partially paid for by those same volunteers.

Initially 10 acres were supposed to be cleared of brush, burnt, ploughed and seeded but because of the generosity of donors from other countries there was enough funding for an additional 2 acres of land.  A downpayment was made on a total of 12 acres of land.

This fledgling farm will enable the orphanage to begin its road to sustainability. The surplus food grown on the farm will be sold at the market and the profits will go towards the children’s higher education. The farm has its own water source which will be used for irrigation and in the future for a planned fish farm.

By Western standards the seed money which was donated for this project was very small but its impact on Mr Patrick, Mama Pat and the children that rely on the Savior Children Foundation is phenomenal.

The most exciting thing is that the Savior Children’s family is on its way to becoming independent.  Funding directly to this project can be made at: