Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana


Paulina is a cousin to both Amelia and Edith.  

Amelia and Edith's parents were taking care of Paulina as her parents had both passed away.  Sadly they eventually passed away as well leaving the girls with no care.  It truly was a miracle that they were found. 

Mama Pat went to her home in the Western Region to attend a funeral.  Each family in Ghana belongs to a clan.  Each clan has a symbol.  Mama Pat's symbol is a rastifistic water symbol.  At a funeral, tradition has you sitting with your clan.  Clan members have great knowledge of their linage.  

When discussion about the clan and linage came up, she discovered the story of Amelia, Edith and Paulina. Mama Pat then phoned Patrick and told him of her discovery and he encouraged her to make the trek to the village they were living in.

The village was on the back side of the river and was so remote it was not accessible by a motor vehicle.  Living conditions were terrible. 

Mama Pat brought all three children back to the orphanage at the same time.  Everything was a new experience for them on the journey; from being in a motor vehicle, the traffic, the clothes Mama Pat purchased for them, and seeing buildings for the first time.