Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Rebuilding the Savior Children Foundation Orphanage

On December 31, 2013 the Savior Children Foundation was forced to relocate.  The current location of the orphanage has undergone a major transformation.  In a matter of months, with the help of donations, volunteers, and lots of hard work the orphanage has managed to build a school, functional showers and toilets, a kitchen, and a new dormitory for the orphans.


As an NGO we rely heavily on the generosity of donations and volunteers.  100% off all donations go toward the ongoing needs of the children and improvements of the orphanage.


Short Term Plans

Complete work on the school

Build a library for the students

Purchase a school bus to provide necessary transportation for the children

Long Term Plans

Currently, the property housing the orphanage is leased.  The ultimate goal is to purchase a plot of land to ensure the  long term sustainability of Savior Children Foundation.  Once the foundation is on it's own land we can invest in livestock, plant cash crops and also purchase a fish farm.  All of these would provide an ongoing source of food for the children and will also act as a means of income.

We aim to establish a scholarship program for the older orphans to ensure they continue to receive a good education past Junior High 3, provide health care plans for teachers and all staff and create an ICT suite for the students to study computing  and act as a resource for Kasoa community members. 

The Orphans of Ghana

There are several reasons for the high number of orphaned children in Ghana.

  • Various diseases, the lack of medical care, or natural disasters
  • Many parents can not afford their children's nutrition and education needs
  • Cultural factors 


There are four distinctions of orphans: 

  • Children who have lost both parents by death
  • Half-orphans or vulnerable children; children who have lost one parent through death and the remaining parent is not able to care for the child
  • Children who have been exiled from their unknown parents
  • A child who still has both parents but who are not able to supply the child necessary nutrition and education needs. These are called social    orphans.


It is a sad reality but there are many poor families in Ghana.  Parents simply cannot afford their children.


Current Projects Underway

Constructing the School

Building the Toilets and Showers

Building the Kitchen

Dormitory Rooms for the Children