Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

From One Volunteer to Another
- written by volunteer Colleen Miller

To all past volunteers, I hope your volunteer experience at Savior Children Foundation was an incredibly fulfilling, life changing experience for you.  I am sure your memories have lingered on like mine, and that any opportunity to go back is near and dear in your heart.

I volunteered for 3 weeks this September and it was the most amazing experience of my life!  From the moment I entered the gates, I knew it was going to be an incredibly wonderful experience.  I noticed right away that the children are loved and well cared for by Patrick and Mama Pat.  Their dedication, love and devotion to these children is truly a gift from God. They begin and end each day in prayer, spiritually a sign of love, gratitude, kindness, faith and hope.  The children are always smiling and happy, this made me realize what is truly important in their life, to be loved.

I spent my time playing with the children, helping them with their homework, serving food, washing dishes, construction, painting, etc., etc.  I was always busy and loved every minute of it!

One of my best memories (among others) is these 2 statements I heard often from the children, it was simply "Thank you for coming to Savior Children Foundation" and "God bless you".  I knew at those moments that I could never forget them.

Unfortunately the time went very quickly and at the end of the 3 weeks, I really didn't want to go home.  Ghana really is a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

For those of you that don't know, you can now volunteer through the website and know that 100% of the volunteer fee paid will go directly to the Savior Children Foundation, where it is needed.  That is also true with any monetary donation made through the website, 100% goes directly to the needs of the children at the orphanage.

As my Great Grandmother alway said "The road to a friends door is never long". 
I know it won't be long before I return again!

Happy Holidays everyone!