Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Joyce Amihere

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Date completed: 15th April 2014

Birthday: May 9th, 2003

Hometown: Found in Bonyere village

Languages: English, Twi, Nzema


If you can't find Joyce, you probably haven't checked the kitchen. At 11 years of age she has adopted the skills of a phenomenal culinary expert. She is always helping Antia, the cook, with the preparation, serving and will always have the dishes scrubbed to perfection. She loves helping out with chores and is always on the go.


She studies hard at school and when she is older she wants to be a doctor. But like most children her age, she still loves to play and her favourite games are football and basketball.


Although Joyce can be a little shy she certainly loves to sing and is a great help within the orphanage.


Joyce is a true orphan, in the sense that both her parents have passed away.


When Joyce was one year old, her father was killed in a dispute involving a property litigation battle over rights to a coconut plantation with another man in the village.  Her mother then died two years later from the sorrow of losing her husband.

Tribes in Ghana work a little differently to the western world and when parents die, either the sister or brother will automatically adopt the deceased siblings children. In Joyce's tribe the sister is the one that inherits the children.


So Joyce was looked after by her Aunt Georgina Nyamekeh Agyeiba until Patrick found her at the age of seven years old. He was informed by a friend of a household in the village of Bonyere where fifteen children were living all under the care of Georgina. When he visited the home Georgina was delighted when she heard of his mission and his desire to take some of the orphaned children and provide them with the care they need. He took four children from the household, the younger orphans, as the older children already had responsibilities helping Georgina in the home.


The children he took that day were Joyce, Evans and the twins Gideon and Deborah. They are from three different fathers.


When Joyce arrived at the orphanage all she brought were a pair of slippers, and old towel, two pairs of panties and three dresses.


Now, Joyce practically runs the kitchen, she will soon complete Class 4 and her best friend is Emelia.