Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Riverside Lions club - Invaluable Partnership

The Riverside Lions Club, located in Winnipeg, Canada, will be celebrating its 65 anniversary in 2014. Since its charter in 1949, the membership, currently with 39 active participants, has worked on a variety projects in their local community, such as:

-  providing financial support for local daycares, schools, libraries, healthcare agencies

-  offering employment and new immigrant and refugee services

-  developing resources for visually impaired persons and at risk youth

-  ensuring affordable housing and services for older adults, and adults living with a disability, are available.

Further abroad, the Riverside Lions Club has supported important causes such as the construction of both a daycare and toilet facilities for a school in India for hearing impaired girls. Recently, the Club partnered with the Savior Children Foundation Orphanage and School in Ghana, Africa.

 “The Riverside Lions Club has become an important conduit that gives Savior Children Foundation a voice that goes beyond the borders of Ghana and crosses the ocean. The Club is helping us bridge the gaps between rich and poor, gender inequality and human rights”, cites Savior Children Foundation volunteer and administration liason, Jackie Britton.

“The orphanage runs solely on donations, without funding these children would be without a needed home and school. With the Riverside Lions Club partnership providing administration support, 100 per cent of all donations go directly to the orphanage,” says Jackie.

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