Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana


Grace can often be found dancing around the orphanage baring a wonderful smile.

Grace is the half sister to Christopher. They share the same father.  Grace's father left their home to find work.  Struggling to care for Grace, her mother brought her to the orphanage.

Shortly after Christopher and Grace arrived, Patrick found their father.  He had moved to Guinea hoping to find work to support his family.  Unfortunately when he arrived in Guinea there were no jobs available.  Communication home was impossible.  He is trying to get back to Ghana but that is proving to be difficult.  He has sent 200 cedi to help the children and promises to send more.  He is so grateful for everything Patrick is doing for his children.

Both Christopher and Grace have had an opportunity to talk to their father on the phone. 

Grace wants to be a nurse when she gets older.