Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Georgina Tane

Date completed: 16th April 2014

Birthday: 23rd March 2009

Hometown: Boyere

Georgina is the triplet sister of Gabbi and Gifty, however, unlike the other two, she does have a different look. 

Patrick discovered the girls while on a religious trip for two weeks in the village of Kablasuazo. He was visiting house to house and continued to see the two year old siblings wandering the streets of the village. The girls were dirty, had many rashes and were covered in ringworm. Patrick would give the girls clothes and food and he found out that the mother would take their older siblings to the farm each morning, leaving the triplets to fend for themselves until late at night.

He went in search of Jacqueline, the mother, and she explained that their father, Francis, had left soon after the triplets were born. They had already been struggling to provide for the three children they already had and after the birth of the triplets, Francis was too overwhelmed and said he was going to look for better work, but never came back.

When Patrick described his mission and the care the girls would receive at the orphanage and the school, Jacqueline was extremely grateful and was happy for Patrick to take the girls and bless them with a better future. She kept the three older children,  and Patrick financially supports them going to school.

A month after bringing the girls to the orphanage, Patrick took them back to Kablasuazo to meet the village chief, police, village members and their mother to hold a ceremony to officiate passing the triplets to Patrick forever. It was made known that Patrick is now their father and that the mother wanted Patrick to have them for the rest of their lives.

Patrick has paid for the mother to come visit the orphanage on occasion so that she can see that the girls are well looked after. She has visited twice. However, the girls are not sad when she leaves as the are happy to be living with Daddy.

Georgina is a little shyer than the other two. She is definitely not a morning person but comes alive at bath time. She loves to play and adores her food. She says that her favourite colour is all the colours of the rainbow.