Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Make a Donation and Help Change a Child's Life

Please consider making a donation to the Savior Children Foundation.


100% of all donations will go directly to the Savior Children Foundation and will be used for the ongoing needs of the children and improvements to the orphanage.


Donations will help with:

  • providing nutritional food for the children
  • medical supplies and insurance for the children
  • building products required for the ongoing improvements for the orphanage (i.e dormitory rooms for the children, expansion of the school, library)
  • new mattresses and beds for the children for the new dormitory
  • ongoing improvements to the school (i.e  purchase of computers, text books, teachers salaries, school supplies, etc...)
  • additional supplies required for the everyday function of the orphanage (washing basins, cooking tools, soap, etc...)
  • establishing a scholarship fund for the older children to ensure they are able to continue their education past Junior High 3
  • long term sustainability of the Saviour Children Foundation

How your donation will help
  • $2 feeds a child for a day
  • $10 provides a child with public health insurance for an entire year
  • $20 is the cost of a bag of cement
  • $45 is the cost of a new mattress
  • $60 feeds one child for a month
  • $80 is the cost of 100 kg of rice 
  • $150 employs a staff member to help care for the children for one month

Charitable Receipts will be given to Canadian Residents ONLY

Donations can be made by:  Direct Deposit, Cheque, or by PayPal


Direct Deposit

Ecobank Ghana Ltd

Kasoa Branch

Sort Code: 13-01-35


Account Number:  0570094480789501

Account Name:  Savior Children Foundation


Cheques (Residents of Ghana only)

Please make cheques out to:  Savior Childrens Foundation

Cheques can be mailed to:   

          Savior Children Foundation

          Patrick Nwodobeh

          P.O Box WU 67 

          Kasoa Old Fufa Premises - Kings Town


Cheques (All Other Countries)

Please make cheques out to:  Riverside Lions Charitable Foundation Inc.

Cheques can be mailed to: 

          Savior Childrens Foundation

          c/o Riverside Lions Club

          188 Worthington Avenue

          Winnipeg, Manitoba 


          R2M 5K1


Automatic charges can be made to your credit or debit card.   

Sustainability Donation

PayPal - Special Projects


This summer the Savior Children Foundation was able to put a downpayment on a piece of farmland.  This is an important step for the orphanage to gain long term sustainability.  With the help of volunteers, donations and the children, planting will begin this September.  Donations made under this tab will be specifically ear marked for this purpose.

Automatic charges can be made to your credit or debit card.    

Special Project Donation