Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Deborah Abekah

Date completed: 16th April 2014

Birthday: 9th February, 2000

Hometown: Kokobien

Deborah was brought to the orphanage when she was just one year old. Patrick came across her along with three other children, playing in front of a salon in Kasoa. They were dirty and obviously not attending school. Jennifer was the oldest, nine years old at the time and only wearing underwear, as was Emmanuel, the second oldest. The youngest were Micheal and Deborah, who were both naked.

Patrick gave the children his number and told them to ask their parents to call him. He also gave it to the salon owner but never received a call. He returned three times but couldn't find a parent.

On his fourth visit he went early on Sunday morning and found the mother cooking plain rice for the children and when Patrick explained his mission to help care for the children she cried 'Praise the Lord!' She knew she could not care for her children needs and was happy to have Patrick provide a better living and future for her little ones.

Patrick learned that the father had abandoned the family one morning while the mother went to buy corn. Deborah was only a month old. The mother was forced to be the bread-winner so she spent her days walking up and down traffic, selling water satchels from a bucket on her head.

A few months after the children moved to the orphanage, Patrick saw the mother on the streets of Kasoa. She had found a new man and was pregnant with another child. She ran when she seen Patrick. He could not find her for a long time afterward but when he asked around he discovered that the man also had four children from a previous marriage and was also extremely poor.

In an attempt to find some funding for the children, Patrick switched his focus to finding the father, however after the man learned about the new pregnancy, he then wanted nothing to do with his previous family.

Patrick continues to receive nothing from either parent.

Deborah has the biggest family she will ever need here. All of her siblings take very good care of her, especially Jennifer.  Her and the triplets are always being mischievous. She is a big personality for such a tiny lady and is never shy to new people or experiences. She loves playing and will often to be the first to come running for a hug. 

She loves her food and her favourite dish is beans.