Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

David Tetteh

Date completed: 16th April 2014

Hometown: Accra/Kasoa

Date of Birth: 2005

When David was three years old he was living in Dwedwenase village with his mother, father, half-sister Christiana and was known as 'David Ofori'.  One evening, his mother, Janet, took the two children and left Ofori.  She moved to Kasoa where she married one Micheal Tetteh.

Patrick discovered David, Christiana and Rachael at the same time. He came across them hanging around in Kasoa during the day and questioned why they were not in school. They explained it was because they could not pay school fees. Patrick left his number with the children and told them to have their parents call him.

He waited a few weeks but never got a reply. He came across the children in the street again and instructed them to tell their parents he was the police and that he urgently needed to speak to them.

The next day the phone rang. He was contacted by David's stepfather, Micheal Tetteh. After explaining his mission, Patrick asked him to bring the children to the school were they could be provided with an education without the fees. Micheal did not hesitate in agreeing and brought all three children to the foundation the next day.

David's father, Ofori Kwame, now lives in Abankesem village with a new wife and two children. When Patrick discovered this he contacted Ofori asking him if he was now able to support his son. Ofori said no, explaining that his new wife would not support any child from another woman. Ofori came to visit David once in February 2013. He stayed for three hours and left. David remembered him but was not sad to see him leave as he is happy with his life here at Savior Children Foundation.

Like most of the children here, he loves going to school and says his favourite subject is Creative Art.

Like most of the boys here, he loves to take advantage of the large play area that they use as a football field almost daily. He also enjoys playing with toy cars with his best friend Francis.

When David grows up he wants to be a soldier.