Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana


DOB 14 08 2003

John and Bright are brothers.  

Both parents have passed away and they were under the care of their sister who claimed she was 27 at the time (she did look much younger).  

The father had died of an ailment.  After the father died, the mother was responsible for the children.  The father had left a farm for the children.  Unfortunately their father's family did not want the children to have the property and they put a curse on the mother.  As a result the mother died.  

The farm was in the Volta Region, approximately 6 hours away.  After the parents passed away and the father's family took the farm away from the children they decided to move to Accra.  To support the boys and herself, the sister sold food on the roadside.  Unfortunately she was unable to make enough money to support the three of them and pay their rent.  they were eventually evicted and had no place to go.  A friend brought them to Kasoa.   She had no money to feed the them.

That is when she heard about Patrick. She came to the orphanage weeping, begging Patrick to take care of Bright and John. Patrick when to her home and discovered 6 people living in a small room the size of small bedroom.  Living conditions were dire. 

Being the newest children at the orphanage they are doing amazing.  They love to play.  Bright, always keeping a watchful eye over his little brother, ensuring his is bathing in the morning, going to bed on time, and doing his homework.