Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

Appenteng Junior Dansowaa

Date completed: 16th April 2014

Date of Birth:  2006

Hometown: Dwendwenase

Arrival Date: 12th February 2012

In 2012, a church member told Patrick about a very poor single mother with two children that needed help in Dwendwenase village. When Patrick went to seek out the family, it was very apparent that they were poorer than he imagined, the entire village was. Patrick stood out in the village because his clothes were clean.

The house the family was living in was crooked, exposed and extremely dirty. The two boys, Appenteng and his older brother Augustine did not attend school, had minimal care and were living in drastic conditions. 

He learned that the husband had died three years previously, in 2009, and the mother was struggling to take care of them ever since. She has a sister-in-law that lives in Tema and although traditionally in Ghanaian culture the sister will look after the children of her deceased sibling, she said that times were hard and she could not take them in but would send money to support them. She has sent one payment of 100GHS ($40 CND), however; she does call and has visited once to see that they were happy.

Their mother was so grateful when Patrick came and exclaimed that she had been praying for him to come for a long time. Patrick gave her money to bring the children to the orphanage herself so she could see that they would receive proper care. A week later, she arrived with Appenteng and Augustine and both have settled in to life here extremely well.

Appenteng's best friend in the orphanage is David and says he loves to play with toys. He enjoys going to school here and likes studying ICT and writing. His favourite food is fried rice and chicken, which is a popular choice with all the children. When he grows up he says he wants to be a soldier or a bank manager.