Savior Children Foundation

Orphanage and School - Kasoa, Ghana

The Story of Father Patrick and Mama Pat

Patrick Nwodobeh started the foundation in 2011. 

Before then he was living with his wife and children in Kasoa and working as a teacher and chicken farmer. 

Starting up the foundation was more of a calling than a decision. He was acting on a request from God, that came to him in prayer, that he should take in the needy, the orphans, sick, homeless and give them a home and care for them.

At Savior Children Foundation, Patrick Nwodobeh's
mission is to bridge the gaps between the rich and the poor, gender inequality and human rights for sustainability and development through empowerment.

He believes we should give the children of Ghana an education and raise them with the knowledge and sociability skills necessary for them to be self sustainable when they grow up.

“If I am able to educate just 500 kids, I will make a difference. That will be 500 children well educated and well behaved in a society where they can then grow and take care of others who are vulnerable. They will create a cycle of caring for those in need. Once you are able and know how to look after yourself, you can then look after others."
                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Patrick Nwodobeh

When the foundation first began, Mama Pat did all the cooking, Patrick taught the children and did all the construction work. He had no volunteers so all of the duties were split between the two of them. The children were sleeping on mattresses on the floor and they had no classroom so every morning the bedroom would be transformed in to a school. The children would push back their beds and then learn in the same space they rested their heads. 

Then volunteers arrived and everything changed. They were able to build proper structures for the kids; classrooms, showers, kitchen, new dormitories. And donations provided essential materials like mattresses, building supplies and of course food. Volunteers and donors have been the key factors in improving the quality of life for the children.